Tim Halperin: She Runs Music Video

End client:

Tim Halperin

End use:

music video via YouTube


Joe Childress, Tim Halperin, Sarah Combs, Brent Richardson

skills employed:

idea creation, producing, directing, cinematography

more details:

When Tim approached me with a desire to do an unordinary music video in the likes of OK GO I jumped at the chance. Immediately I brought on Joe Childress to brain storm with me and co-produce/co-direct the video. After a brief meeting we had the general idea but needed more help. We bright on Sarah Combs (formerly Sarah Rogers) & Brent Richardson to bring our ideas to life through set design and art direction. The video is one continuous shot with no digital effects.

Style Research:

The Science of Sleep

The Science of Sleep

Paper Heart

Be Kind Rewind


Rolling set construction idea

Stage Movement Overview