Standing in the gap: identity

End client:

Foundation Management Services

End use:

Identity system for 2011 company retreat


Michelle Mongogna, Jacob Combs

skills employed:

idea creation & exploration, custom lettering, Adobe Illustrator

more details:

Every year FMS holds a company reatreat to educate & motivate their leaders. A theme is chosen and used to determine the topics that will be covered over the course of the weekend. This year "Standing in the Gap" represented the thought of someone standing up for others and filling a need. The identity is based on basic shapes that represent what we try and fill the gap with. They end up just creating a mess until the right person comes along and can bridge the chasm created by everyday complaints & worries.

The last piece is a jacket cover for a book that was created as a thank you for the employees. That project will be posted soon. Also you can see the intro & exit videos we did for the weekend here.