Tim Halperin: She Runs Music Video

July 22, 2010:

Recently I had the pleasure of working with singer/songwriter Tim Halperin, a local musician currently living in Fort Worth, TX (Go Frogs!). Here's a little insight into what that experience was like.

The beginnings of this music video started like any good story: in a bar over drinks. Tim Halperin, who I had hung out with occasionally, approached me about doing a music video. He only had $500 and wanted something super creative. Not an easy request but I was up for the challenge. I then met with my co-director Joe Childress to brain storm some ideas. After one lunch meeting we had most of the concept down. The idea of a heart-broken Tim playing his song as narration to a school play. We wanted cardboard, found items, messiness…and one continuous shot. After several more meetings we were starting to understand what an undertaking it was going to be, and how much help we were going to need. I brought on my friend Sarah Rogers to be our set designer. She is brilliant. Sarah and her good friend (and fellow genious) brought mine and Joe's ideas to life. Tim pulled all of the actors from friends and family and I brought on several people to be our 2nd AD's. As we got closer to the build days most of the key positions had been filled.

We took 3 days to build and 1 day to shoot. Most of the wood for the rolling stages was donated/lent as well as the set items. Most of the money went towards casters so that the stages would roll properly when we started putting set decoration and actors on top of them. We had an average of 10 people on the build days and a total of about 40 people (including actors) on the actual shoot day. This still didn't seem like enough. Everyone pulled double duty. We had actors holding set pieces, running to do their scene, then running to hold more set pieces. Brooke Peoples (our leading lady) had 3 wardrobe changes and 4 scenes. She also had to make most of these changes within seconds so she could be in her back to back scenes. Tim had 2 wardrobe changes and three scenes. The biggest move was the ending shot. By that time we're 40 yards away from where we started so the red curtain, stage, piano, and audience all had to be moved in behind the dolly. It was mass chaos outside of the frame.

We shot on the Canon 5D Mk II with the 24-70mm L-series lens locked on 50mm. The camera was mounted on a red-rock follow focus, locked to a tripod, and then placed on a doorway dolly. We shot in an open air parking garage, due to rain constraints. Chalk marks were used to position the sets, and provide marks for the dolly. Giant black tarps taped to pvc pipe to provide shade for some of the darker scenes.

It was a crazy experience to see what can be accomplished with $500 and loads of people willing to put their heart and soul into making something great. Check out the video below: