Tim Halperin: New Music Video

March 28, 2011:

So it's been rather quiet on the interwebs version of my life lately. That's because my real life is out of control busy. There are lots of changes headed my way (and for this site) but one of the biggest things on my mind lately is the planning for the new Tim Halperin music video. Tim approached me a few weeks ago after a miscalculated song choice resulted in his being voted off of American Idol. Immediately following his American Idol woes Tim released an already record single called "The Last Song" available for free download on Noise Trade. Through American Idol rules Tim is not allowed to realease his already finished album (recorded before Idol) until late September. Wanting to keep momentum from his TV debut, Tim approached me to ask if Joe Childress and I would produce/direct another music video for him. Without hesitation I accepted. Joe and I had the opportunity to work on the video for Tim's single from his "Make or Break" EP called She Runs.

I contacted Joe and we quickly began brainstorming a more epic music video for the more grown up, somber song. We wanted something cinematically beautiful yet still conceptually complicated. The video we had in mind was going to take much more than the non-existent budget of $500 from the "She Runs". And we would need a team of help. Quickly we decided we needed to you use the ever helpful tool that is Kickstarter to raise money, get people involved and continue the momentum of attention that Tim had been receiving. We quickly planned out a kickstarter video, put together some incentives and launched the page. Check it out here and tell your friends. I have some other big news pending as well but that will have to wait...