new mexico adventure

November 2, 2011:

Occassionaly I like to step outside of my comfort zone and try new styles and approaches to the things that have become too familiar. My photographic style is what I generally like to think of as realistic. I tend to take pictures that capture moments and when I edit those photos I do only slight color correction in order to preserve what the moment actually looked like. With that being said one of the most important things for me is to tell a story through the photos and tell it consistently. With this in mind I set out on my latest photography story with the desire to have the photographs demonstrate the feel of the story through the actual mechanics of the camera. We were going on a camping/hunting trip and I wanted to feel the grit & dirt through the images. I made the decision that as much as possible I would shoot on 6400 iso in order to add natural grain to every single photo. This also allowed me to shoot a very large depth of field, giving the images a very flat look. Also when I edited the photos I made sure I processed them in a way that all of these features were enhanced and made obvious. This was not a slick, clean, modern trip. It was a gritty, dirty, old-world kind of trip. No electricity, no internet, no climate control. Just the wilderness.