Coping with Fear through Photography

August 26, 2010:

I’m now exactly one month into the Veritas Road Tour V.2. Being on the road for so long lends itself to a number of different sleeping arrangements. Throughout the trip we’ve been staying with random friends and acquaintances ranging from newlyweds, college kids, empty nesters, and full families. So far we’ve stayed in Irvine, San Diego, San Jose, Foresthill, and Richland. When you’re staying in so many different places in such a short span of time the scenery and situations are ever changing. In our latest place of nomad residence I was in a basement. Alone. The basement was about 1,600 square feet with 6 different rooms. Needless to say it was extremely creepy at night. The silence turned any slight noise, pipe rustling, air condition pumps, etc, into eery dangerous noises. The different rooms included recliners, old mirrors, a christmas tree, a table saw, an old baby crib, and a rocking horse. Cree.Pee. The room I was staying in looked like it was decorated in 1982 and remained untouched since that time. Rather than sitting in bed waiting for Paranormal Activity to become a reality, I opted to translate my fears into a photograph. The final product was a composite image in order to create the correct lighting mood and over all feel that I was trying to achieve.

These are the two photos used for the composite:
2 separate expsures

I used two different exposures to achieve the overall effect. The photo on the left was used for the lighting on me and a few random highlights. The photo on the right was used for the darker sections and the door. I pulled them both into Adobe Photoshop CS5 and used vector masks to reveal and hide the parts that I needed from each photo. I also used dodge and burn to add a few extra touches.

And here is the final product:
The final image