2010: The year in photos

February 16, 2011:

Even though we're a month and a half into 2011 I figure it's not too late to reflect on 2010. It was my first year on the Canon 5D mkII combined with the 24-70mm L-series lens. It made for a beautiful year. I whittled my favorites down to a list of 85 shots picked based on their imagery, content, subject matter or simply because they held a special place in my heart. I present them to you in chronological order for your scrolling pleasure. The only photo not taken by me is the second to last. I helped with lighting and setup for this shot but Elizabeth Borders pulled the trigger.

My father, Chaplain J Craig Combs of the Army National Guard

Caleb my nephew

Jacob my brother, Arent Creative'dent Creative's open house

Arent Creative'dent Creative's open house

Double pic, Arent Creative'dent Creative's open house

Jonathan Combs, elf

Emma the dog

A crown of bullets, piece by Zak Saucedo

Caleb my nephew

A dead bird floating in the crocodile pit

My niece KK

Caleb & my father

Jeff, the grip for Searching for Sonny

Andrew Disney, director

the RED on a ladder

Mike the mic man

Oh Peter (said in an Irish accent)

Minka Kelly, leading lady of Searching for Sonny

Searching for Sonny: lunch shot

Searching for Sonny: jail setup

Searching for Sonny: Danny the Script Sup

Searching for Sonny: leading man Jason Dohring

Searching for Sonny

Searching for Sonny:

Shot in the early days of Searching for Sonny. Actually used it for a later print piece in one of the pick up shots.

Searching for Sonny: Ross

Searching for Sonny: Paulie

Searching for Sonny: light beauty

Searching for Sonny: Nick Kocher

Searching for Sonny: our cam op Chris Rodriguez

LA, waiting for a rental car

LA: my brother Jacob Combs

In the parking lot of the rental car.

NOT MY CAR! Lambourghini Diablo? I don't know cars.


Waiting for a plane to Hawaii

Jacob Combs, pensive

Lava Rocks in Hawaii

Hawaii: Jacob Combs

Hawaii: back 9 at Kona Village

Private home on a fresh water pond in the middle of lava rock, that's right on the ocean. Wow. Hawaii.

Hawaii: rainbow out of a car window

Galveston, Emma the dog

Galveston: tilling the san for volleyball

Galveston: volleyball as the sun goes down

Galveston: nighttime

Josh Combs & Jeremy Combs helping me remove empty my garage

Caleb my nephew

A field on the border of the red river

Another field on the border of the Red River

Pappa Joe

Combs Orion Ranch

Emma the dog

Jonathan Combs, Emma the dog, self

Ivy Combs, my beautiful sister

Sarah Combs, my beautiful sister-in-law

A watter tower in some obscure Texas town

Nowhere, TX

Denton, TX

Morrison's, Denton, TX

Nowhere, TX

Power lines

Sun shining off a photo installation I did

Riley the horse

My beautiful girlfriend

self, Jonathan Combs

Jacob Combs, safety drill aboard a Disney Cruise

Disney Cruise: Toms shoes

Disney Cruise: love

Disney Cruise: Jacob Combs

Disney Cruise: angles

Disney Cruise: Marcylle Combs napkin smile

Disney Cruise: lifejackets on the snorkel adventure

Disney Cruise: snorkels in a bucket

Disney Cruise: fireman suits in Mexico

Disney Cruise: shuffleboard

Disney Cruise: private island walking adventure

Disney Cruise: sneaking

Jonathan Combs, self

power tools

Josh Combs sawing air vents in the new firepit

Josh Combs, lighting things on fire

The firepit

Emily Kiltz, taken by Elizabeth Borders

Tunnel! in Fort Worth, TX