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burger up: nashville, tn

2011 / 12 / 24

On a recent trip to Nashville with my soon-to-be in-laws we stopped by the amazing "fancy" cowboy restaurant known as Burger Up. Although the menu features familiar items such as burgers, fries, and fried pickles, the prepared dishes are anything but normal.

new mexico adventure

2011 / 11 / 01

Occassionaly I like to step outside of my comfort zone and try new styles and approaches to the things that have become too familiar. My photographic style is what I generally like to think of as realistic. I tend to take pictures that capture moments and when I edit those photos I do only slight color correction.

austin city limits 10

2011 / 10 / 27

Every year I look forward to traveling down to Austin for 3 full days of live music, tasty overpriced food and (usually) plenty of sunshine at the Austin City Limits music festival. This year the line up was epic as always and I brought my camera along to capture our experience of the weekend. What else would you expect from me?

new mexico adventure: preview

2011 / 10 / 24

My dad is a chaplain in the army and recently returned from his second deployment in Iraq. To celebrate his return we traveled up to the New Mexican wilderness in order to enjoy the outdoors and hopefully bring home some fresh meat.

before & after: kitchen window

2011 / 10 / 12

I recently lost both of my roommates; one to marriage and the other to greener pastures in LA. As sad as the situation is the empty house provides plenty of motivation to clean, reorganize and rearrange. Here is one step in the process, providing more natural sunlight to the place where you want it most: the kitchen.

toms at acls 10

2011 / 09 / 28

Recently I attended the 10th anniversary of the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin, TX. It was a weekend filled with great music, great weather and great friends. I walked away with plenty of great shots but for now I bring you a collection of the many different Toms shoes that I saw running around the festival.

crazy food night episode 2

2011 / 09 / 09

It would seem that this "tradition" my friends and I have started is as realiable as my picture posting habits. This episode of crazy food night happened several months ago but as you've probably noticed there's been quite a bit going on this summer.

iceland water activities

2011 / 08 / 23

My recent trip to Iceland was full of some really amazing scenery and activities. Although the main purpose was to shoot a short film (which I will keep you updated on) we took plenty of time to have fun and still keep the cameras rolling. This is a little video I shot on my GoPro Hero using the underwater casing.

t-shirts some of the time

2011 / 07 / 20

After a long string of silence on my blog I decided it was time to post some random things that I've done over the past several months. T-shirts are something most of us wear and some of us love. Sometimes I get the privelege to feed peoples obsession with shirts by designing some randomness.

storm the fort

2011 / 05 / 25

A massive storm hit the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with plenty of rain, thunder & a few tornadoes. Luckily my part of the neighborhood didn't get anything but an epic view of the massive storm clouds. Emma & I were out admiring the sky and I took a few shots to remember the moment. Enjoy!

crazy food night: episode 1

2011 / 04 / 04

A new tradition has been started among my friends that involves finding several new recipes out of multiple cookbooks, a trip to Central Market for the freshest produce, meats, & cheeses, and hours worth of chopping, mixing & making. We call it Crazy Food Night.

a new typewriter

2011 / 03 / 31

Sometimes it's the little things in life that can get you excited. Tis the case with a new typewrite we picked up today. We're currently working on a new project that was in need of the tactile quality that only a real typewrite can bring. You'll have to wait a while before the project will be blog ready but here's a few shots of our "new-to-us" Smithe-Corona typewriter.

tim halperin: new music video

2011 / 03 / 28

So it's been rather quiet on the interwebs version of my life lately. That's because my real life is out of control busy. There are lots of changes headed my way (and for this site) but one of the biggest things on my mind lately is the planning for the new Tim Halperin music video.

award winners

2011 / 03 / 01

This weekend I was invited by my girlfriend EB to attend the 2011 Fort Worth Addy award ceremony. She had entered a few of her student projects in the show and was to receive an award for one of her packaging designs. The Addy's (as they're called) is a advertising competition celebrating work in the area from the past year.

eb my gf is a ba

2011 / 02 / 24

Recently I tagged along as my girlfriend EB was working on a class project. She's taking screen printing and their first assignment was to do a three color print with a thick black outline. Being the badass that she is she decided to do more than just complete the assignment.

2010: the year in photos

2011 / 02 / 15

Even though we're a month and a half into 2011 I figure it's not too late to reflect on 2010. It was my first year on the Canon 5D mkII combined with the 24-70mm L-series lens. It made for a beautiful year. I whittled my favorites down to a list of 85 shots.

space monkeys like chocolate

2011 / 01 / 11

Sometimes when you're bored strange things pop into your brain. My girlfriend and her roomate recently posted a random video that they made for no other reason than fun. Feeling the creative urge I looked over at my desk and saw a little monkey action figure that my niece left in my car long ago.

turkeys have healing powers

2010 / 09 / 19

Recently I was asked to do a Thanksgiving card for a home health agency. In my typical fashion I wasn't going to take the easy way out. The easy way would have taken an hour and involved picking a $5 image from istock, throwing it in InDesign, slapping a curvey font that said, "Happy Thanksgiving" and calling it a day. No.Thank.You.

coping with fear through photography

2010 / 08 / 26

I'm now exactly one month into the Veritas Road Tour V.2. Being on the road for so long lends itself to a number of different sleeping arrangements. Throughout the trip we've been staying with random friends and acquaintances ranging from newlyweds, college kids, empty nesters, and full families.

through the window glass

2010 / 08 / 06

I am currently on the road with Veritas Fashion out of Austin, Texas. One would think being stuck in the back of a car for days at a time would stifle creativity but traveling through every kind of landscape has it's advantages. In between Fort Worth, Texas and Irvine, California there's plenty of scenery to keep a photographer busy.

how to: make an album cover

2010 / 08 / 03

For as far back as I can remember I've always been obsessed with making things harder on myself for the sake of the experience. In digital age where photoshop can place the empire state building on the moon and special effects can make the entire world blow up, I find myself using my hands more and more to create things.

tim halperin: she runs

2010 / 07 / 22

Recently I had the pleasure of working with singer/songwriter Tim Halperin, a local musician currently living in Fort Worth, TX (Go Frogs!). Here's a little insight into what that experience was like.